When looking for photographer in South Beach Miami the difference between a professional and amateur photographer is that, YES, an amateur photographer can take an amazing shot but he cannot guarantee it. Alexei Afonin uses his versatile experience as an actor, artist, model and magazine photographer to deliver unique and quality photographs to his clients. He incorporates this approach not only in his work with celebrities but also with every individual client including couples, models, performing artists, working executives and real estate companies. Alexei is not only an experienced photographer but a passionate one. His philosophy on photography is “Physically the picture is silent, but visually it can sing a thousand songs.”

South Beach Miami Photographer

It’s been a long journey to becoming a sought after South Beach photographer. Because of his experience as an actor, for example, Alexei understands the unique challenges when shooting actors or business headshots. Being a magazine photographer and worked with hundreds of models in the past 20 years, he understands what it takes to be a model and incorporates that knowledge into his model portfolio photography. Being an instructor in fashion photography workshop for close to 8 years, several years back, at the end of one of them in New Orleans, models became photographers and photographers models, just for one exercise. The idea was to get the feel of what it is like to be behind the camera for models and in front, for photographers. Those workshops were primarily in in St. Martin, the Caribbean Island, however some were in Sedona, Arizona and one on a Carnival Cruise ship. Architecture played an important part in Alexei’s life. He’s father was one and at some point, the two of them build a full size, one family house in Long Island, New York. This experience helped him to deliver unique real estate shots. So please, feel free to browse through my website and be the judge for yourself, just don’t forget to contact me if you decide to hire me for your project.

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